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Below are testimonials from clients who were happy to wave the secret of their speech as a thank you for the happy memories.

What a guy Charlie McCarthy is, not a dry eye in the house, full of laughter and tears.  Charlie did me the honour of writing an amazing Wedding Day speech, me being the blushing Bride.  On the day the nerves got the better of me so my best friend did me the honour and still to this day she remembers the beautiful words that were written for her.  From the bottom of my heart, the love I have for my friends and family were spoken before me.  Charlie and I had a brief chat as to what I wanted my speech to include and this he did me proud, He captured the hearts of everyone in the room, from tears to laughter speaking my true thoughts and feeling, from a tough time to that epic fairy tale ending.  My husband thought this was incredible for me to have written such a true version of my life with him to the present day; little did he know it was that of Charlie McCarthy.  It takes a very talented person to be able to achieve this and I am very lucky to have such a special moment from my day which I will treasure in my heart forever.


Nicola Hosey

Basically the speech was fabulous and everyone commented on how good it was, it was as if he wrote it himself it was honest true and heartfelt with humour thrown in. Gordon and I can't thank you enough. You made a happy but somewhat difficult thing easy and that is a special gift x


Elaine & Gordon Faulds

Whilst walking through Glasgow with Charlie McCarthy on our way to my leaving do, we decided to go for a pint before heading to the function room, as we were a touch too early. I had worked at the hospital for 15 years and had made many good friends there who were all making an effort for the big send off. I knew one of the consultants was going to get up and speak and that close colleagues had written and were going to deliver both poem and song. Charlie asked me over a pint if I had anything prepared as the audience would be expecting some reply or farewell speech. I handn't as I was going to get up and do the usual quick vote of thanks. For Charlie this was not an option and managed to obtain the bar stewards receipt/bar order book and started bombarding me with questions about my time in work, funny incidents and memorable moments. At the end of the second pint he had come up with a speech which I had then to act out in this bar until he was satisfied with my pace and delivery. In that ten to fifteen minute speech, Charlie managed to capture the multitude of emotions working in a close knit team in an often very busy and stressful environment. At the basis of the speech was the humour and sincerity which was clear to see from the laughs and occasional nod of heads. Charlie saved me that day from an embarrising short vote of thanks from colleagues who on retrospect had litterarily pulled out all the stops for my leaving do. Thanks Charlie and it only cost me 2 pints of Guiness!


Alan Megahy

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